Jumping InMature

The whole room hummed and became somewhat close, the clock indicated the process had taken five minutes. The machine then began to quiet down with the computer telling me to re-calibrate and set return time. The instructions indicated that I should never reset the time to the same time I left, preferably two to three days later, so I did so. When everything was as it should be I ventured out into the mineshaft. The electric lights were gone replaced by kerosene lanterns which I lit. The chests were gone but there was still a musty smell in the air. From this end the security door opened with a common security latch, opening the door, I immediately realized this cabin was much different. Wood furniture and coal oil table lamps were sitting on a table, there were a couple book cases on one wall half filled with books. Walking into the living room area I knew the machine had worked and that I was back in 1876. A wave of fear came over me hoping like hell I could get back home. "nutting up," I began to look around the cabin taking note of the pot bellied stove and wood stove in the kitchen, as I was approaching one of the small rooms I heard a noise coming from the room. Clearly someone was in there, so I drew my .45 and kicked open the door. Poised next to the door, I heard a scream and a thump. Cautiously peering into the room I saw a woman lying on the floor, "Oh shit!" I thought "Did someone live here?" The woman appeared to be young maybe even around my age. Wearing what was then considered traveling wear, I laid her out in the bed and stood by waiting for her to revive.   

The End

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