Leap of FaithMature

A rush of cool but stale air greeted me as I opened the door, there was a switch to my right, flicking it turned on two floodlights which lit up the shaft, as well as an area to the left that resembled a walk-in cooler. Investigating further, I discovered the room held the time machine. The shaft extended another fifty feet or so with several metal chests along the side, hanging from the roof were a couple of kerosene lanterns. Inspecting the machine I discovered it had a chamber around six by six, in diameter with an indented wall where there was a computer with a screen and keyboard. The tower was below. There were several gauges mounted on one wall next to the computer screen which I suspected belonged to the generator, and re-charge elements one of the notebooks spoke of.

There was a notebook on the shelf where the keyboard was which turned out to be a manual for operating the machine, I ended up staying up most of the night reading it getting every detail clear in my mind, finally drifting off to sleep I didn't wake until almost noon. After a late breakfast I bucked up my courage, and decided to venture into the unknown. Since I would be traveling to the "wild west." Since I had no cowboy clothes I stuck with my old cammo utilities I wore in the 'Stan, along with my old web gear and boots. Arming myself with a .45 auto pistol and Colt M4 I had purchased after my discharge I was ready. Following the directions, I double checked every setting and computer command, finally I initiated the "go" command and held my breath.

The End

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