Gone to See the ElephantMature

I had to wait a month or so before I was sure mom would be all right, she and the professor had planned to retire together at the end of the year but she started talking about doing so right away, so it took some doing to convince her to hang on for another two months. When I was sure she would be OK, I loaded up my truck and headed west. Two days later, I drove into Deadwood, bike week was long over, the tourists were all gone, Deadwood had become a sleepy western town once again. My GPS located the proper street and it wasn't long before I was pulling in the short drive in front of a genuine log cabin. It was obvious the place had been re-built from the one in the video. Using a key that had been in the packet as well, I entered. Everything had been prepped for a long sleep, so it took me a while to get things back up to speed, including turning the water back on as well as the electricity. A note left by the professor reminded me to get the utility bills put into my name. Having been a scout/sniper in Afghanistan, I was very methodical in getting things put away and as they should, even taking time to go back into town for groceries. Finally, it was time to face the reason I was here, Oh I'd seen the large security door off the back wall I had been told about, but I kept telling myself there was plenty of time for that. Now it was shit or get off the pot time, I tapped the code into the lock and tried the door.

The End

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