Taking StockMature

Mon really took the professor's death hard, my sister Kathy didn't bother showing up, but then I never thought she would, she and mom had been on the "outs" for some time now. True to professor Mellman's word, I received a fat package at the reading of the will along with the deed to his house in Deadwood. When I had a chance to open the packet in privacy, I found two note books, a DVD, several pictures, and a letter.

"Mark; When you read this, I'll be dead, however I hope the good Lord will allow me the chance to "look over your shoulder" as you read this. First of all the time machine works, I and your mother have traveled back in time. The enclosed notebooks will give you allow you to build another one should you need to, however I would suggest you not do this. The machine is located at my home in Deadwood, at the end of Van Buren street. It is inside of an old mine shaft accessed from the house through a security door. The access code is 64000. Use your judgment Mark, do NOT let strangers know of this device, however a trusted friend might be in order, goodbye and good Luck;

The photos were of his house in Deadwood as well as the security door, however when I played the DVD I was transfixed, scenes that looked like they were out of a western, one of the gritty kind, stark and very real looking. I assumed the collection of wood buildings was Deadwood back in 1876, there were elements of it that told you this wasn't a movie set. Other scenes were of him and my mother dressed in what appeared to be 1940's clothing standing in front of a cabin much different then the one in the picture. I also saw scenes of Deadwood as it must have been in 1944, but the professor holding up a newspaper with a headline about D-day. After reviewing everything, I sat quietly in my room...Thinking.

The End

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