The MachineMature

As he lay dying, professor Mellman told me of a time machine he had built, he also told me the specifications and all data pertinent to this device was in a sealed packet that he was willing to me, and that I would receive this packet when his estate was probated. In his dying voice I was told,

"The machine is located in my summer house in Deadwood South Dakota, the house will also be deeded to you, your dear mother will receive my money and transfer of stocks and bonds. When you were young, you were always interested in the old west and history...I think this will satisfy your inner cravings. One more thing, your mother knows I was working on the machine, she and I have gone back in time to 1944. The machine is set to only travel back to 1944, the year of my birth, and 1876. I have been there on several occasions, If you go, look up a woman named Montana, tell her Mr. Green sent you. Help her if you will, she could be an invaluable guide for you."

Mom had been out of the room when he made this startling revelation to me so when she returned, I said nothing, but her expression told me that she must have known. Two days later, the professor died. At the viewing in the funeral home I stood there looking at the man in his casket wondering if this were all true, had he really conquered the space time continuum ? 

The End

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