Too Good To Be TrueMature

Two buddies just back from Afghanistan, stumble into a device that will change their lives forever. A time machine sends them back to 1876 Deadwood. They soon find their talents come in quite handy.

My name is Mark Channing, two weeks out of the marines, and the 'Stan. I decided to spend time with my mother in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mom worked for a physics professor at Western Michigan University, my dad had been killed in Viet Nam, since then she and professor Mellman had gotten to be very close, they never got married, but he became the "man" in our family. Right now, I had arrived at mom's house at a very bad time, Professor Mellman was in the hospital dying of prostate cancer, mom was practically living at the hospital, I felt very bad for him, he really a lot for me maybe more than I realized. I had gone to see him shortly after my return home, sitting next to him watching him struggle. Quite honestly, I found it hard to show much emotion, I had just returned from the killing fields of west Asia I'd seen too many friends killed and lives ended abruptly. As I sat there the old man beckoned me closer, the story he told me seemed too far fetched, but as they say, "Truth is stranger than fiction."

The End

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