Time Passes off.............

It was one another day..should we say one another sunny day in Mumbai

Dr Kamath meticulously planned his day...

Dr Kamath, one of the most renowned, sought after medical oncologists of India. To him his mission was "Patient care ", well that was what the 2 Ps, Press and People liked to believe but when the truth surfaced, it was a shock to everyone, and ofcourse to me...atleast to me!

Oops forgot to introduce myself, I am Treya, a freelance journalist, well a successful freelance journalist.have written couple of times for Bangalore Mirror and my column appears in Economic Times every day...as you have guessed it right,I love writing for the Business Section

Healthcare was never my cup of tea, but then one day it just happened, that I lost my best friend to Cancer,eventhough, she was a healthfreak and had no history of cancer in her family

There was something wrong in Indian healthcare segment...well I felt so and thats when I dwelled into the subject completely

To start off, I met with most of the stakeholders in this segment starting from various patients to paramedic staff to medical distributors to doctors...i did speak to the top 20 oncologists of India,covering both rural and urban areas

What came out was an eye opener...the prevalence of Cancer was more than 8 million cases and at any point there are 3 million cases suffering from Cancer

The End

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