play by play


I tap my foot impatiently waiting for Jacob Hawkins to be done with his meaningless ramblings He was proceeding to give me the play by play  of how he scored the winning goal for the Hockey season opener yesterday. I already heard the story three times. It took him longer to tell the story, than it had been for the game to be played and won.

He catches me glaring at him. “Everything alright?”

I think about it for a minute. No, everything is not alright. I'm sitting here eating lunch with my late brother's worst enemy. Actually, his only enemy. Jacob Hawkin's had stolen, the most precious aspect of Blake's life away. His girlfriend. Emma.

Emma, also used to be one of my best friend's. I didn't mind when she started dating Blake last year. The two even had a ten year plan, consisting, of college, a career and marriage. Emma was going to be my sister, Blake was going to give her our Grandmother's wedding band and than Jacob moved into town. Out of nowhere Emma become, reserved and distant. She abandoned her passions, starting with cheer leading and ending with my brother.

One day Blake went to her house to confront her, ask her why she had been giving him the cold shoulder, and that's how he found out that she was cheating on him. With Jacob. My brother's heart was still broken before he died. So no, everything is not alright, but it will be better soon.

I turn my attention towards Blake. “Yea, of course. Hey when is your next home game? I'd love to come and watch you on the ice.” I say in what I hope passes for a flirtatious demeanor.

A smile spreads across Jacob's face and I swear his eyes go dark with intensity. “ Wednesday.” He lean's in closer. “Emma has to work that night.”

I nod, returning the smile.

I feel guilty , for a moment. Driving a wedge through Jacob and Emma is seemingly horrible and pointless. To me it's a way to channel my hurt and anger. To me it's justice being served.

The End

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