I raise dead people


I couldn't be happier for school to start, I needed the distraction. I had lost two of the people I care about most this summer. Being an only child the Durmont twins were the closest I'd ever come to having siblings- well as far as I know. I was adopted as an infant into the Winchester family, it's possible I have biological siblings floating around out there. I know nothing about my family other than what my DNA tells me, I have dark hair and brown eyes and my skin tone indicates that I have some Greek in my heritage. Oh and than there's one other unique trait that I have. I haven't told anyone, and why would I? Nobody would believe me if I told them I had the ability to raise the dead.

I didn't know anything about this... “gift” until I pulled Hunter's corpse out of the ocean a couple months back. She was dead. She had no pulse, their was no mistaken it. The life had been taken out of her and if the ambulance would have arrived any sooner Blake wouldn't have been the only one they took to the morgue.

I wasn't a fast swimmer and even if I were, I wouldn't have gotten them both out in time. I had to chose only one of them. It killed me from the inside out, the hardest choice I'd ever have to make. I shouldn't be allowed to play puppet master with people's lives, but I did with theirs. I went in for Blake after I dragged Hunter out. I tried to resuscitate the both of them. I was stupid thinking I could save them both. If I would have picked one of them and kept my focus, they both wouldn't have died. I started saying my hysteric goodbyes,. I moved the wet strands of hair out of Hunter's face. She should be alive, I thought desperately. I wasted time pulling Blake out, when he was already dead, but Hunter, She should be alive. I waited about half an hour, before regaining my composure and calling the ambulance so they could do...whatever it is they do next. I closed Blake's eyelids, and did the same with Hunter's. I heard the siren, and gave one last glance at Blake, my best friend who wanted to be a doctor, and Hunter, I cursed myself, again I thought guiltily, she should be alive.  As if my words could weigh in on the fundamentals of logic, Hunter began coughing up water. She was alive, again.

I still can't wrap my head around it. Hunter died, I held her lifeless body, but that's not the case anymore, she's alive and well. Physically, I mean...

In school I watch Hunter from a distance, as I have for the last couple months, half expecting blood to poor out of her eye sockets and her body to turn to ashes. I replay at these horrible scenarios in my head as I watch her eat lunch by herself. She's alone by choice, like me she's sick of the sympathy, sick of the white noise. Without Blake everything seems gray. Everything moves in slow motion.

I'm studying her closely waiting for a sign or some kind of recognition to flash in her eyes. I can't have her hating me, though I know if it were Blake in her position he'd hate me twice as hard. As if feeling my gaze on her, she tilts her head up her green eyes, a shade lighter than Blake's, her smile wavering but it's a smile. I want nothing more than to walk over to her, tell her we'll get through it together. My brain detaches from my body. And I'm picking up my tray making my way over to her. I'm almost there ready to take a seat and talk it over, when I notice her gaze is going right through me. I glance over my shoulder. I'm rewarded with a malicious grin from Jake Hawkins, the only person Blake ever admitted to hating. He pushes past me and takes a seat next to Hunter.

I fix Hunter with a stare, letting her know I don't approve of this then I throw my tray in the garbage as I've lost my appetite.

The End

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