My Better Half- Hunter

When Hunter and her twin brother Blake get caught up in a dangerous rip tide at a private beach her brother 's best friend Mason is their only chance at survival. The chances of anyone surviving are slim, Hunter should have been grateful that Mason was able to get her out of the ocean alive. She should feel in debt to him.... Only she can't help but hate him for the life he couldn't save. He should have swam to Blake first. Blake was the role model citizen, the student every teacher craved to t

When we were little Blake and I were a attention hogs. Always competing for Mom and Dad's attention. Blake was born one minute before I was, so since birth I was always one pace behind him. He was a born leader and that one minute made all the difference in the world to him. He was oldest so he would go first, or he would be in charge. When we were little Mom thought used to take us to modeling gigs, hoping that we'd be some kind of weird twin prodigy and grow up to be in films. When we finally did make heading new, only one of us would be around to watch it.

It's been nearly two months since...well let's just call it the “incident” for now. Why not that's what mom and dad call it. Blake and I were constantly trying to out do each other. We split everything down the middle, shared everything even our best friend Maseon, we both got good grades, although Blake's were better and he had the Nobel peace prize personality to go with. Nonetheless we strived for independence, we strived to find some sort of trait in our DNA that the other didn't posses. Which was why we were always trying to one up another. This time it was surfing, we were both beginners and the water was rough. We had no right being out there.

Maseon tagged along as usual, telling us both we were morons for even tempting something so dangerous. Unfortunately for Mase we were both equally bullheaded. Things were going smooth in the water for the first ten minutes. We were all having fun, Mason was even video taping it, so we could get the full play by play and decided who was really king of the hill, when we played it back. Than things got choppy, fast.

We were succumbed by a rip tide so strong that it snapped our boards in half.

“Out of here!” Blake shouted, and that's the last words I ever heard him speak. I was pulled under, and my world went blank.

I woke up throwing up salt water. I was disoriented. Mason was sitting nearby hugging his knees and for the first time in eight years. He was crying.

“Mason what's wrong?” I propped myself on my elbows to get a better look at our surroundings.

“God, Hunter I'm so sorry.” He said frantically.

I looked past Mason an ambulance was at the scene. Zipping up my brother in a body bag. I puked up the rest of the crap that was still lingering in my arms. Before I realized it my nose was running, my eyes were crying and my body was shaking hysterically. Mason tried to comfort me, tried to reach for me and I shoved him away along with calling him a bunch of nasty names I would never repeat in front of my mother. He should have saved Blake not me. Blake was the leader the innovator, I was merely the shadow. The female reflection of him.

Not only did I loose my brother that day, but the kid who was supposed to be my best friend had failed me. My foundation was cracked.

The End

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