What is time?

It was almost midnight. I was rushing down the old alleyway, while the street lights illuminated my way. I was late for my martial art class, since I left home a thought hanged loose on my mind. Why would there be a martial art class this late? Whatever it was I had to get there in time. My attendance was top-notch for a reason. I worked hard every day, the will to not be feared of fear, to look straight into his eyes and defend myself and never back down. I never really asked for help from my parents, even when times were difficult. I have taken the responsibility of caring for myself. I remembered those days when my brother was still with me. His face would tell a thousand words, his smile would enlighten the paths of many people, until that is he just disappeared and I have never really saw him again. A bright flash interrupted my rhythmic running. I jumped as it flew right past my eyes while a flow of cold air rushed through my hair while leaving me completely frozen; I slowly turned to gaze at the unknown object. It was right near me glowing with vivid blue, it gave off a chilling feeling. I had the eager to touch it and so I did, as my hand slowly approached the object, I touched it with a finger being cautious. Immediately a burst of exhilarating energy flared in front of me as. The object started to merge with my skin; I was confused and shocked at the same time. I was petrified. As the unknown object merged with my skin I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. I looked at my hand but nothing was there. I gazed at the location where the object fell. Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? No, it can’t be as. I hurriedly punched the wall next to me; I felt the pain rush through my hand. Everything was real. As I quickly remembered what I was here for, I swiftly was up on my feet and on my way to the martial art lesson, but not forgetting what happened to me today.
As Harry disappeared from view, a strange man approached the crater. He had black glasses and had a long black coat. His beard was shaven and his appearance could not be seen. A woman spoke through the radio “Have you got it?”, The man grunted “No, but I know who has it and I will track him down and if I need any help.... let’s just say I won’t need any. A fainted smile appeared on the man’s face as he vanished into the darkness.

It was a clean fresh morning for me. The sun was filtering through the curtains lighting the room to a smooth yellow glow. I jumped from my bed as I swiftly remembered what happened yesterday. I could not forget that sensation, an unnatural feeling of a sudden burst of electrifying energy.. I wanted to talk to Dad about it but something was holding me back, something inside of me. A fainted voice inside me told him not to. It felt like that orb was alive; it spoke to me, silently. No one could hear him except me. I never believed in magic or UFO’s for that matter but this was something else, I now started to believe that he was truly merged with that orb, but what was the purpose of it?“What if it takes over my body?” I exclaimed while standing from my bed, “I must attend a doctor.” With a nervous perplexed tone. I opened my cupboard and put on a warm jacket, blue jeans and a winter hat.

It was cold outside, snowing lightly but the wind was particularly strong. Houses were masked with white; a soft winter feeling gave off the streets of Kensly.

The End

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