A deep, unrecognisable, yet still slightly nostalgic voice called my name from behind me. I gulped, if this person was who I thought it was. Then all my earlier fretting about being forgotten was pointless, all those wasted hours of my shortened life, were for nothing.

'Is that really you, Amy?'

I turned around slowly, my pulse quickening, my head pounding.

'Oh.' Was the only sound I could  muster at the sight of Thierry's face, my throat clogged up and I couldn't even breath. He was so different.

'Oh my God! Amy!' He yelled, Thierry strode up to me and pulled me in one of the tightest hugs I'd even participated in. It crushed my chest and I wouldn't be surprised if the stitches which resided between my breasts would open up. Even if that did happen, I wouldn't care. If it were just for a moment with Thierry, it would be worth dying.

I wrapped my arms round his neck, standing up on my tip toes as I buried my face in his chest.

[U N F I N I S H E D      C H A P T E R]

The End

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