Hello Again

"Best Friends Until The End of Time 2 "

'Don't touch that!' I snapped at my girlfriend, Lilia, as she picked up the little wooden music box. It had two names engraved clumsily on it's lid, along with a little star.

'Huh? But it's so cute, aww! Thierry, can I have it? It's adora--'

'No.' I said forcefully, 'I told you not to touch it, Lilia!'

'Why?' She whined, 'oh, wait. It's got something on it's lid.

'Just drop it!' I nearly shouted. She placed it back down on my bedside table quickly. I heard her mutter "stingy" as she did so, but I ignored her childish reply.

I shouldn't even be so bothered about that. It's a forgotten treasure, just like the time machine under the giant oak tree in my back yard. Well, Amy and I always called it a "time machine", but it's not the best name for a little tin box filled with memories. I smiled a small smile at those memories that still wont leave my head. It's been eight years, Thierry! What do you really expect Amy to just show up randomly, smiling saying she's come back for good? That would never happen, and even if it did; she would never know it was me.

'Thierry, I've got to go.'

'Okay, see you tomorrow.' I grinned, pulling her into my embrace, kissing her.

'Bye.' Lilia waved as she left my bedroom. I ran a hand through my hair, making no attempt to flatten it back down after I did so. I really was a pathetic excuse for a boy, I didn't even bare any pure-hearted feelings for Lilia, she was just another one of the many girls who stove off my boredom. I turned into a prick - and I can admit this myself - after Amy left, even at my young age back then.

'I'm such an idiot.' I grunted, pulling open my curtains with more force than necessary. And what a sight greeted my eyes, I think my heart could have stopped beating right at that moment.


The End

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