Window Ledge

"Best Friends Until The End of Time"

I sat down next to the window, sighing. When I look out of it now, all I see is endless bit's of farmland. When we first moved here, I used to be excited by the land which seemed to have an infinite number of fields.

It's all boring now, I've seen it so many times it's become dull to me.

I sighed again and trudged down the stairs; and headed towards the kitchen. My mother was busying herself with some scones. Mum's homemade scones were her pride and joy.


'Yes?' She replied, not looking up from her batch. Her slightly rough and withered hands stirring the mixture.

'I want to go on the train today,' I mumbled.

'Where to? Going out with friends?' She seemed a little too keen on the idea of me going out and socialising.

'Sort of. I want to go back to Marston, just for today! I just want to go back there at least once... before, well, y'know...' I muttered, looking down at my feet.

'It's been eight years, why do you need to go back there? I'm sorry to say this, Amy, but I expect most of your old friends have forgotten about you.' Mum said gently, patting my shoulder.

'It's not just my old friends. I just want to see the village one more time.' I smiled, looking up at her, 'I'm allowed right? It's only an hour by train. I'll be fine.'

She frowned at me, she was obviously confused by my sudden interest in a village from eight years ago. Mum stared hard at my face, before letting out a long sigh and nodding.

'You can go.'  

'Thank you.' I said in a shaky voice, Mum pulled me into a tight hug, patting my back.

'Say hi to everyone for me.'

'They wont remember us.'

'They might.' She laughed, she patted my head one more time before turning to her purse. She handed me a twenty pound note, 'for lunch as well.'

'Thanks. I'll be back by six.'

'Take your phone.'


'Call me when you get there.'


'OK, just go already. It'll be nice to see a smile on your face for once.' She muttered, I gave her a small smile in response.

I dashed upstairs to get my jacket and bag, before I swung the door open and headed towards the station.  I wonder if I could meet Thierry again, simply because I had a whim and decided to go back to Marston after all of this time. It's actually quite unlike me to put plans into action, but I really want to go visit my childhood home once again, it'll be good for my "heart" if I gain some happiness from it. I chuckled wryly as I thought the word "heart". My hearts already broken, from emotions or disease.

It's good as dead and I don't get another chance, unlike all the others out there.

The End

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