Music Box

'I don't want you to go, Amy! Amy! Don't leave!'

Those words have lingered in my head for long enough, it's surely time to forget about it. Even if if I decide on something like that, he'll never leave my mind. Even this far on in my life; I'll never forget. Something as important as that, someone crying for me, how could I be so cruel?

My name is Amy Sing, and I am fifteen years old and I have terminal heart disease.

I used to live next door to a boy called Thierry Jackson, he was the same age as me at that time: seven years old. And we were laughably naive. It's odd to learn about having a terrible thing at such a young age, I didn't quite understand the fact that I could die young - even with my operations.

We moved house to a little town in Yorkshire, it was quite rural and only had two schools: pre-school/primary, high school which had a joint college. So I was all set up until I turned nineteen. I didn't, and still don't understand why we had to move. I didn't want to, and still want to move back. But I expect someone is living in our old house now. It makes me feel a little sad when I recall those fun memories with Thierry.

Because of my disease, I don't get close to anyone. And my friends at school are nowhere near being classed as "close" or "best". They could simply be classed as the people who are near me and I have a few common interests with. I don't talk much, so that makes people a little wary of me as I just sit and watch and listen.

So, maybe the reason I can't forget Thierry is because he was my first and only close friend. And, to be quite honest, I'm betting he'll be my last. It's such a shame, huh?

Most people get to live until their fifties with this disease, but the doctor said it's most likely I'll die before I hit twenty three. I  probably wont even get married, will I? Let alone find friendship.

If I think really hard, I can remember even the smallest things we did, like climb on top the hay stacks in the field over the road, and we had to run away as fast as we could when the scary farmer came out. And eating in our bedrooms, even if we weren't allowed, and watching TV programmes we knew we shouldn't be watching. Yes, it was simple. Most people would just forget it all and move on, but it was because it was so simple that I remember it so clearly.

And my most vivid memory was the Music Box. I had received it for my birthday from Thierry and I treasured it. But on the day that I had to leave, I gave it back to hi saying, "play this whenever you feel sad and I'll cry with you, wherever I am." It's quite amazing that a child as young as I was could come up with such a phrase. But I guess he's forgotten all about that now.

I bet he's forgotten all about me.

The End

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