Time Machine

'We can bury this and dig it up when we're grown up!' The young boy, Thierry, beamed at his closest friend.

'Will we still be together by then?' Thierry's friend, Amy, pondered. She pursed her lips and looked into the sky, then back down the the little tin box which was sitting patiently in the hole they had dug up, waiting to be buried by the two seven-year-olds.

'Yeah! We'll be best friends forever!' Thierry replied fiercely. Amy laughed and nodded along, picking up her little gardening spade.

'We should cover it up before someone comes along and sees it!' Amy declared, ' 'cause if they saw it, then they'd want to dig it up and steal it.'

Thierry looked up quickly, glancing around before nodding and picking up his own spade.

Once the pair had finished locking their treasure tightly in the ground of Theirry's back garden, they flopped back under the giant oak tree which lived there. It was under that tree where their tin of the past lay and it was that tree which gave Thierry and Amy their salvation. Because the big oak tree had a large hollow hole near the top of the trunk which you could access if you were good at climbing tree's and it was that which Thierry and Amy excelled at. Even though it was a very tight fit, and they were both getting a little too big to fit in it now, they still changed the blanket and pillow which they had tucked inside every month.

Because of their growth, they took it in turns to sit in there; one sat in the hole, one sat on a branch.

t had been this way for a while now.

'Thierry, what do you think I'll look like when I'm as big as your big sister?' Amy asked, tilting her head so she could look at him.

'Hmm... well, Nina is fifteen - I think -... so I bet you'll still have your blonde hair and eyes and mouth and nose and ears... but you'll be taller. And wear that swimming costume thingy that Nina wears under her clothes.' Thierry tried to explain, 'but I bet you'll be very pretty.'


'Yeah, what do you think I'll look like?' Thierry asked.

'You'll look like your big brother!' Amy exclaimed, 'only with brown hair, not red.'

'And I bet I'll be taller!'

'Oh!' Amy gasped.

'What is it?'

'We should have written all of this down and put it in the time machine to see if we actually looked like this!' Amy sighed, 'but now it's buried.'

'We could get another tin and put it in the hole?'

'Yeah!' Amy beamed.

If only it could have all stayed as innocent and peaceful as this...

The End

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