The Man (2)Mature


Thinking; his work was never finished. Escaping was hard, granted, but surviving was harder. So he worked endlessly. He worked on a plan.

This plan, which had seem so effortless at the beginning (beginning? beginning of what?), now seemed difficult and far-fetched. The plan was to escape this all, get to a shelter of sorts. That was the plan, but what his mind was telling him to do was much different. His mind told him to draw as much attention to himself as he could... make a sign, light a fire, blow up a gasoline station. Yet the distressing thing was it didn't feel like his mind. It felt like... well...

Something Else.

Exactly. A "Something Else." And this Something Else was telling him to do things that would summon the Windrunners right to him. And it even felt like that Something Else was going for that; it wanted the Windrunners to come to him. That aside, this force didn't feel menacing. He felt like the Something Else was perfectly capable of horrible things, and perhaps it even wanted to.

But it also wanted him to live. So he started on a sign.

The End

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