The TakingMature

Him and Ophelia:

He came out of the store and looked around. There she was, the cunt he'd been told to fetch, the bitch with short hair that poked up and crazy angles.. That whoring little cunty lesbian bitch. I guess you've sucked more than you can fit in your mouth, bitch, he thought angrily. The Bitch was sitting down. Luis knew what to do. He would go and fuck her up. Beat the shit out of her. Make that whore squeal. The Voice would get what it wanted. Luis was the Voice's servant, he understood that now. So now, that bitch. That... fucking... cunt.

Make her squeal. Make that whore fucking SQUEAL.

Yes. He would. Luis approached, and as he did, the whore started shaking all over. He felt nervous, like something he could never understand was taking place.

That's my doing. Now, take her.

Luis walked up, grabbed the cunt, and threw her across the grass.

The End

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