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The tall wide-shouldered man towered above his cart. His big muscular arms reached out and grabbed various canned items as he made his way through the aisle. He was scavenging for foods in this crappy store. Grocery Outlet, the sign outside had heralded. It was probably put up by some bitch or another that was dead now. That was fine; in Luis' opinion, most bitches deserved to die anyways. He even hoped a Windrunner tortured her before her fate. One less woman to worry over, whoring about.

Now he reached the end of the aisle and just slumped over his carrier. His eyes rolled up a little bit. Oh, but this was a big one. Luis struggled with it, his body twitching stealthily. As swiftly as it had come it was gone. He continued and butted his cart around the corner, heading toward the deli. Most of the meat would be rotten--hell, all of it would be rotten--but it didn't matter. He would eat the steak, he would eat the beef, he would eat the bacon. Because meat was a man's food, so he was raised and so he believed.

Viciously, brutally his reality was torn from him and he plunged into a black abyss that swept him up and carried him to a place he could not think of.  He had one thought:

//Whafuck// ????

before he was wiped out, annihilated beyond any idea he had of death. His body careened off to the left, and he crashed into the Canned Pineapple Selects with no idea what was going on. Then there was nothing. Well, there was something. Something in the blackness. In Luis's disembodiement he could feel it moving, watching, and then he really did feel it: a dry hand that caressed his chest.

Luis's heart stopped beating.

But slowly, slowly, his body got to its feet.

The End

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