The TeenagerMature


Fuck. Specifically, what the fuck. What kind of shit is this? Phelia felt bad. She felt really bad. Her short hair that stood up at wild angles started to come undone. Her whole body felt like some kind of electric wire that someone had spilt water on, and now she was being electrocuted. She racked her brain for what this could be. It can't be my period. It's not something I ate. Not something I... she sat down. Hard. A new course of pain sped up her spinal cord, but she didn't care. There was something in that blind pain, in that blackness; something alive. It was making contact, it was making forcive contact with her, oh my god what is that what the fuhhhhhhhhh--

She saw a huge figure out of the corner of her eye. There was a feeling of being thrown. Then: more blackness, and a Something in that blackness, Something that wanted her.


The End

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