The PregnancyMature

Riley and Leif:

Five months of carrying a living entity, a creature completely dependent of Riley to care for. The father had been killed, but maybe that was for the best. She hated to think of it as a good thing, but...there was so little food as it was. Best for her and her unborn child to eat meagerly than having three people eating just short of starvation. The conceiving had been a solemn affair, but at least it was in better times. Back then it was making love, but the thing was there is no love left in this world. The Windrunners had made sure of that; they, and the demon they worked for. When it all went down, her boyfriend had been an easy target. He was out getting supplies. Because when there was nothing left, you had to have more. Such as with love, the young woman thought remorsely. Yes, such as with love.

Now the baby was kicking, and quite hard at that. She was kicking. Riley knew it was a girl, it had to be. She had heard of mother's intuition and supposed that was just what this was. Not as thought knowing the gender had anything to do with  anything--except deciding the name. Leif, innocently free of the knowledge this world was going to hell. The thing was, They didn't care who they took; who they killed.

That was why Riley was afraid. For her baby, and for the world it--she--was going to be born into.

The End

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