the air turns cold

There is a whirring noise, and a clank, clank, clank. I feel a slight breeze on the back of my neck. Then from nowhere a jet of ice cold air hits me, straight in the back of the head. The shock of it feels like a right hand from Frank Bruno. When i pulled the cord i must of turned on the air conditioning. I just get used to the change in climate when a smell floats through the room. A sickly sweet, metallic smell.  I look back up at the space which i had fallen from, there was no way back up that i could see. Not that i could see a lot, i still hadn't found a light and the room was still pitch black. I decide if i can't go back up i might as well go forward.

I walk along the wall, I've got my arm outstretched brushing the surface with my finger tips. Trying to feel my way around the room. the walls surface is covered in scratches and cold to touch. The cold is starting to get to me. So is the fact that a dead man, (one that i killed) has disappeared, I've lost my gun and I'm stuck in a secret room, in the pitch black, under the dead mans bathroom.

I hear whispers, a kind of moaning. I really start to panic. I'm usually a logical man, i only believe in what i can see. But this place, this place is different. i can't explain the feeling I've got. I'm being watched, but not by a person.

I start to question everything. Am i hearing these noises? Am i in a secret room? Am i even here? Is this just a dream? It must be. I mean, dead men don't get up and walk of. No block of flats could have a secret room under a bathroom, especially a sixth floor flat. underneath the bathroom you would probably find the old lady from the flat below, sitting on the can reading "How to knit for idiots". I'm dreaming, I must be. It's the only logical explanation.

I finally come to the end of the wall. Theres a door frame, but no door. The smell is so overpowering here, i nearly empty the content of my stomach, all over my own feet. I hold my breathe and take a few steps into the new room. the air is so thick and sickly. I tread in something and go flying, it was something wet and slimy. I fall against the wall, and I hit a chain. I grab hold of it, i had to, to stop myself landing in a heap on the floor.

well there goes the element of surprise. The sound of clanking chains echos around the room. it's followed by more of the moaning i heard earlier, and then a "click" and a bright flash. It blinds me temporarily, I've been straining my eyes so much in the dark that the sudden brightness leaves me in a state of panic. It's different being blinded by the dark, you know that with light you will be able to see again. But being blinded by the light is scary. Everything goes bright white. You see small dots floating around, they remind me of fireflies. You lose all sense of balance and spacial awareness. You're completely disorientated.

Gradually my eye sight starts to come back. The bright white fades away to leave the firefly like dots, still floating in and out of my vision. I rub my eyes to get rid of the aura. When i open them again i wish to god i hadn't

There in front of me was...........

The End

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