Mr Hobart's private place

I feel myself falling, falling through pitch black. Falling through time, falling for what seemed an eternity. I'm suddenly brought back to the here and now, with an Almighty crash as I land head first. It takes me a few seconds to regain my senses and even longer for my eyes to adjust.

Eventually, I'm able to see a few feet in front of me, I look up at the fall I've just taken. It seems hard to believe that it was only about an eight foot drop. It seemed like i was falling for an age. I check myself to make sure I'm uninjured and i find a small cut above my right eye. Not a serious problem, but an inconvenience.

I turn to take in my new surroundings, it's hard to make anything out in this light. a flash of a shadow catches my eye and i suddenly remember where i am. Mr Hobart's bathroom, well underneath it anyhow. I back in to the corner and reach for my gun. It 's then that i realize my gun's missing, i must of lost it in the fall. It must be around somewhere, on the floor nearby. I feel my back against the wall and a tickle on my shoulder. I freak out, (as sad as it is I'm petrified of spiders). i take a step away from the wall and the tickle fallows me, moving up over my shoulder. I turn to face it and instead of the fearsome spider i expect, i find a thin nylon cord. Curiosity has always been weakness of mine, i pull the cord.


The End

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