splitting headache

i walk into the front room, and there sitting on the sofa staring at me is Hobart. "you couldn't get me a glass of water and some neurofen could you mate?" he asks. I'm to shocked to speak, am i dreaming? hallucinating? or am i just going crazy? "Hello" he calls out, "i need the pain killers for my headache, and the water to wash them down" he says, "tablets are on the top self, behind the coffee pot". For some reason i find my self actually walking to the kitchen, the smell in here is even worse. It smells like one of those greasy road side cafés that the truckers use. the sides and worktops are covered in a thick film of fat. my gloves stick to everything. i find the tablets and an empty glass, it was on the draining board but still looked filthy to me. i run the tap for a few seconds. i take my gloves of and splash the cold water on my face. i hope that it will wake me up and ill find that it is all a dream. i fill the glass and go back to the front room. Hobart is sitting with his head in his hands, "what took you so long?" he asks. i hand him the tablets and the water, "you do know you're dead?" i ask him. "if I'm dead then why am i sitting here drinking a glass of water?" he replies. i don't know what to say to him, I'm staring at his chest when he takes another drink. "look, there" i point to the whole in his chest where the bullet entered. There is water dribbling out down his front. "Oh, i guess you could be right" he sighs, "that shouldn't happen." i go to the bathroom and fetch the shaving mirror from the bracket on the wall. "Look" i tell him "there is a hole in your head as well." He studies the bullet wound for a few minutes, "well i never"  he exclaims. "did you know i saw a white light, i was walking to wards it and then it disappeared. The next thing, i have a splitting headache and I'm sitting here." A white light? now i don't believe in god or heaven and i don't believe in no white light. what Hobart saw was probably the flash from my gun. "Why?" he asks,"why did you do this?" 

The End

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