12 years experience

Twelve years experience as a professional hit-man, and one hundred and twenty seven kills to my name. You would think that by now i was used to seeing dead bodies. Thats what i thought until last night.

In all my time as a hit-man i have never had a problem like last night, and I've had a lot of problems. I have had people that are so stubborn they just wont die, I've had people walk in half way through a job. I've forgotten the tools of my trade(more than once), I've even got the wrong guy on one occasion. My first year i even shot a guy eight times and left him for dead, just to find out that he survived. i had to finish him of whilst he was in the hospital. But last night that really was something else, I've never seen anything like it and i don't want to anytime soon. 

The End

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