Time for a career change?

My name is Darren, and to anyone i meet i would appear to be a normal, intelligent, social member of the community. But behind closed doors i have my secrets, just like everyone else. Except my secrets are better left alone.

I'm not a modest man, I'm pretty average really. I'm 34 years old, I live alone in my flat, i have held a steady job for the last twelve years. I have friends, I go out socializing, have hobbies and visit my sick mother in the hospital. Just a normal man in a normal world. However there i s one thing i do think I'm exceptionally good at, my job.

There are not many people in my profession, even though the hours are short, the money is good and the holiday is excellent. I have never really questioned why, why there are so few people in my line of work? How i come to do what i do? Why I'm still here? When will i give it up and move on? but most importantly am i going crazy? i have never asked any of these questions before, well before last night. Since then these questions are the only things i can think of. twenty four hours of asking the same four questions and still not one answer.

The End

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