Time anomalies

Fun and danger lurks around every corner for Amy Rory melody and the doctor as they travel threw time and space on another fantastic adventure.

"Doctor?!" Amelia Pond was annoyed. She was lost in the TARDIS again! She is sick of it. Of the wandering around the endless corridors unable to find the control room or, as she had set out for, the bathroom. "Doctor? how do I get out?" she screamed at the top off her lungs. "Keep turning right. You will find the control room in 3 minutes" Amy grumbled to herself as she heard her daughter, Melody, reply. "who died and made you the Doctor?" she asked as she sported in the control room. Rory was sitting in the red seat mucking around on his laptop. The Doctor was running around the TARDIS like the maniac he is. And Melody, the youngest ever to travel in the TARDIS at 12 years old, was running after him telling him what to do. "where is the map I asked for?" Amy complained as she sat next to Rory. "I will make one when we have time but right now- Yes yes I know Melody/ we are going to land and it is going to be very bumpy." Right on cue the TARDIS shook and groaned. "We have landed"
The End

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