Honoka's Family Introduction

"Minami! Where's my bow?" I shouted to my brother. He walked into my room, shrugged and walked out.

"You could've simply said 'no' you derp." I teased. He was smarter than me though but he has horrible patience. I could wait in the food line at school for an hour and not get frustrated, however for him, he gets so impatient and started banging on the door and shouting to 'hurry up, we're starving' but I laugh at how impatient he is.

I walked into the bathroom to look for my bow and sure enough, it was on the sink. Good thing it wasn't wet, It's my favourite bow. It's hot pink and it's so big that you can see it from the back when I'm facing towards you. My dad gave me that bow when I was little. I have treasured it ever since. Speaking of dad, where is he?

"Minami? Etsuko? Do you know where dad is?" I called out. Minami comes in again shrugs then walks out, Etsuko does the same. Etsuko is my little sister, she is just 4 years younger than Minami and myself. if I didn't mention this before, Minami is my twin. He was born 3 minutes before me but for some reason I got all the artsy skills and he got all the smart skills.

I decided to wander aimlessly around the house and I stumble on my dad laying on the floor.

"Dad? What are you doing on the floor?" I ask. He shrugs. Man everybody in this house is so alike except for me. I am like my mother. She was very beautiful with long pink and blue hair and it was natural too.  Etsuko got her hair colour. My mother had all the patience in the world. She had the most beautiful voice ever. She used to sing Minami and myself to sleep every night. She died a year after Etsuko was born. She had fallen ill while volunteering at the hospital. She had gotten a very deadly virus that had been unnamed and still is because there are no traces of it being on this planet anymore. My poor mother, it was a sad moment in our life.

My Dad on the other hand was like the opposite of her. He is cute, I'll say that much. He has hair and Minami's is almost exactly like his. Dad's hair is like the darkest colour of black you will ever see. Minami's and mine have white hair which fade into black which is weird because mom or dad never had white hair. He get's obsessed with things very easily. He loves everything japanese and he has created three Utauloids. They were modeled after Etsuko, Minami and myself. Etsuko has a really cute voice. I have a really mature voice and Minami sounds almost exactly like himself. I like to think that those voices will be ours in another life-time. Minami is exactly like my dad. They both shrug when they don't want to answer something, they get obsessed with things, they both love to sing. However my mother had the smarts in the family my dad had art skills.

Well that's my family. It's not like your normal family I'll tell you that.

The End

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