Time and Keys

A epic story between worlds and time. 1 person must find all the keys to each world to continue. but will she?

On the wonderful planet Earth lies a girl by the name of Honoka Hine. She has a special gift that only one person in each world gets. And that is to travel to other worlds. However there is a time limit to each world and they must find all 11 keys in 3 months. It may be easy it may be hard but whatever the matter, she must find all 11 keys.

Honoka Hine: Age 16. Height 6'4. Weight 125 lbs. A tall shy girl who sometimes will randomly blurt out words.  She can befriend almost anybody.
She can be childish but only around certain friends.
She is an extreme otaku and loves to cosplay.
She does however have this Addiction to skulls and Flames same with her twin, Minami.
She does also have a little sister who's name is Etsuko. She loves to sing.

The End

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