Sam - The Usual Monday Morning

As I gazed out the window while eating my toast, Serena played with her bracelet that she always wore.

"You know I'm getting bored these days, because we can't go back in time." I said with a sigh. When I talk my eyebrows go up, and Serena usually laughs.

"Yeah, me too." she laughed as I flared my nostrils.

She stood up, and so did I.

"Where are you going?" I asked as I followed her out to the back of the studio.

"Want to get some fresh air." she said breathing deeply.

"Yes, it is nice." I said copying her breathing.

We breathed at the same pace for a while until I broke the silence.

"I haven't seen Lisa lately." Lisa was our manager, who almost always tried to flirt with me.

"Me either, I hope she's not sick." her voice was like a melody in my ear.


"Well that's the morning bell, so we'd better get going." I said as this time i led her into our office.

The End

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