Go to the Second Floor

Finding the stairs collapsed, Drifter steps into the elevator, findig it somehow working. Her braclet seems to glow in the pitch dark of the elevator, reminding her of the girls words. She comes to the first floor of apartments. As she explores a few of the rooms that are unlocked, fumbling over broken picture frames and remnants of lives lost in the cataclysm.In the last room she checks, a gasp escapes her lips as she stumbles upon two ghostly forms sitting in chairs in a living room. They almost look like holographic projections, and seem to be looking off in different directions.

One of them, an old woman, seems to finally notice Drifter and speaks in a raspy tone. "Hello child. We have tales to tell you, but only one of us speaks the truth. Your bracelet will allow you to make right one of the horrors you will see, to change the past, but choose the lie and you waste power on falsehood." With that she turns back to staring off in the distance, as if waiting for Drifter to decide. The other ghost, a silent young man with unkept hair and scared eyes, glances quickly in her direction before going back to gazing out the window.

The End

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