Enter the Building

Drifter pries the rotting board covering the doorknob away, and enters the building. The ground floor is in ruins, some of the wooden furniture partially decayed to dust. Everything is broken, and it's almost too dark to see this. As the girls eyes adjust, she begins to notice a slight movement in the back corner behind the desk. She makes her way toward the desk, hearing faint sounds as she gets closer. Before she can look behind, a young girl emerges.

She is normal except for glowing purple eyes, and looks strangely familiar. The young girl opens her mouth and speaks in a haunting voice that sounds far too old for her. "You have come so very far, and fallen just as far, my friend. This is your chance to change all that. I know you still wonder why your mother gave you that bracelet," Drifer's eyes shoot toward the circle of silver on her wrist, "That may be revealed here, but first you will be tested. If you can decide what is true, and what is false, all may be corrected." With this the young girl turns around, the glow from her eyes disappearing and taking all the faint light out of the room. Before Drifter's eyes can adjust, the girl has vanished. Only one path remains: Up.

The End

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