Till the sun goes down.

This is a story of a girl and her dogs on the greatest adventure of life and what it has to offer teaching how to show love and friendship

Come on kate were going to be late to pick up the new puppy!" yelled my mom as i closed the door shut behind me and ran to the car the date well im not sure the year but it was the weekend before christmas and we were going to get a golden retriever.

While we drove to the breeders home thats what my mom called it me and my older brother sat deciding names for the new dog we were stoked and jumping around. When we finally stopped outside a house my mom said shed be right back and she was holding a little golden blob in her arms. It wasnt soon before me and my brother were playing around with her and named her jewel.

Days went into months and months into years we became the best of friends id talk shed listen nudge my shoulder when needed lick my cheek we were like two peas in a pod. Soon before i knew it twelve years had come and gone and we had battled with manythings in our time being however nothing perfect last forever.

Jewels had gotten into the trash one morning when i was over at a friends house. when i got home i was told that she was hooked outside and managed to excape and run away i felt saddened but it didnt effect me to much she would be back in a day or two like she usally was.

As minutes passed hours and hours passed days Jewels never came back and soon it had been a few months and still we didnt find her and she never came back. And everday that goes by i miss her more and more . And hope that shes in a better place and happier

The End

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