Till Forever Ends

The letter. The story. The beginning of an ending.

Till Forever Ends

Remember that day? That day that you said 'hi'? That day when you introduced me to your friends? That day when you stuck by my side? When you hugged me when I was cold? Looked into my eyes like you were proud that I was beside you?

That day when you included me in anything and everything? That day when you serenaded me in front of the crowd? That day that you knew who I was in a blink of an eye? That I was yours? That day you asked me to be your girlfriend, calling me Sweet Honey?

Do you remember that day when you kissed me good night, and whispered 'I love you' in my ear? When I giggled as we were interrogated by our families? When they grinned brightly at us with happiness all over their faces?

Remember that day when we graduated and you proposed to me in front of the school? When you kissed me passionately, not caring about how everyone was watching? How happy you were when we ran in the rain on or wedding day just to feel like kids again? When I kissed you after we made love? And how we fell asleep on the couch the next day in each other's arms watching stupid chick flicks? How people complimented us on our perfect relationship?

Do you remember that feeling we both had as I told you about the babies? Then you carried me to your car and celebrated in a fancy restaurant? When we smiled into the camera when we held out our new baby girl and boy? When we hung onto each other so we wouldn't cry as we watched the two of them head off to school?

Remember those days when we watched them grow up? The fights, the celebrations, and the memories? How we drove and flew a thousand miles both ways just to see them graduate? When we watched them get married, remembering our own? How we watched their receptions, not wanting to let them go?

How we saw their husband and wife treat them with pure, uncensored love and move to a peaceful place? How we spoiled our grandchildren rotten whenever they visited us in the summer? Those days when our children visited us on the holidays and special celebrations?

Remember how we held onto each other as the doctor told us our fates? That moment we stared at each other with those same tear stricken faces accepting what God had planned for us? How we went home, taking our time to take in the last few days of our life? How our children dropped everything they had when we told them the news? When we giggled like teens, wondering what they were doing at the moment? How they stuck by us as we slowly died- happily and painless?

Remember that moment we had as a family? Our last moment playing Monopoly without a care in the world? The unexpected feeling of pain that flitted across your face as you rolled the die? When you laid on the hospital bed, not letting go of my hand for one millisecond?

Remember when we looked into each other's eyes, taking in each other's grey and white hair, our wrinkly skin, and our sagging faces? How we told each other how much we loved and will forever love each other? Remember that moment when I leaned up to kiss you and we both closed our eyes? How that was the last thing you felt before you were taken? I'll never forget these moments. I love you. See you soon SweetHon.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

She cried as she crumpled onto the note that her mother had just given her. Her twin brother was beside her, his eyes pooling with tears that he never cared to show to anyone but his wife and her. She bit her lip, trying to stop a sob from escaping her lips. Her mother was still beautiful. Just as beautiful as the pictures she had seen at her parents house.

Her heart dropped as she remembered everything that was said in the letter. Her mother's parting words, "I'm happy." The continuous beeping of the heart monitor, reminding them that she was dead.

"She's happy. We have to be happy for her," her twin brother said, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

"I know, but I wish that we had a few more days with her, with dad, with both of them." A tear fell as she looked at her mother. "I'll put you next to dad, mom. I promise. You'll be together, just like you were when you were alive."

Her brother squeezed her shoulder, nodding his head in agreement. But their silent moment was interrupted by the slamming of the door. The doctor came, the electric shock, following. "No!" Her brother boomed. "Leave our mother alone!" Then in a much quieter voice, he pleaded, "We'll take care of her. Just, please."

His wife ushered the doctor and the nurse behind him out. His brother in law was taking care of the kids back at home, knowing how the twins would like so peace alone together. "She's alright, right?" She asked her brother. He nodded, being the older one by a mere 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

"Yeah, now come on. Let's go help that husband of yours. Mom, we'll be back. Take care," he escorted s sister outside, taking a moment to give his wife a kiss.

"I'll stay with Mom here for a while. If that's okay with you," she asked. He gave her an appreciative smile, knowing how well she got along with his mother. "I love you," he whispered. She smiled in response, giving him a kiss on the cheek, then quietly opening the door of the room.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The next week, their mom was buried. Their father's grave right next to hers. She tightened her grip on the note, not wanting to let go of it. Thinking that it was her parents. Her husband gave her a kiss on the forehead as she reassurance. "They're happy together."

She nodded, taking a deep breath as she bent down to their grave. Beside their tombstones, they had added a small square. Inside it she buried in the note. Giving it one last kiss, she left with her husband and tear stricken kids. "I love you." she whispered to the winds, greeting her brother by the car behind her.

"They're fine. We're fine. Remember, they're in our hearts and minds." Her brother

spoke as the poet that he is. She smiled, nodding. She turned back to where her parents were. They're safe, she told herself. They're happy. Then the two siblings went into their cars with the last image of their parents, happy and in love.

The End

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