The Cursed ExistenceMature

She continued following the distinct smell and ended up in the top floor of the third building. And there she came face to face with the dreadful truth. The truth that was Anastasia Jung. The truth that Anastasia is indeed the vampire that caused all the deaths in the building. The truth that Anastasia, with all her wealth and power, has made possible what even vampires have deemed impossible. She has created a vampire.


And the vampire was no other than herself.


But it wasn’t that fact that caused Anya’s heart to shatter. Nor was it the way her lover was crouched down and hungrily devouring what seems to be her last victim. But it was the eyes. It was Anastasia Jung’s eyes that turned to her seconds after. It was those eyes that stared without recognizing. It was those eyes that she hopelessly communicated with. It was those eyes... the eyes of a sanity deprived vampire... the eyes of an owner whose mind is beyond any reason... the eyes of one whose body follows only the insatiable hunger... it was those eyes that she pleaded with... and it was those eyes that made her own eyes weep and her whole body tremble. She stared into those deep recesses and saw nothing... not a glint of recognition... not a strip of memory... not a piece of humanity... only anger... anger for an intrusion... anger much like an animal’s whose territory you’ve ventured into... She tried again. But as memories flash before her, the laughter, the smiles, the glares, the boss look, everything..., flames of anger were the only ones mirrored in Anastasia’s eyes. In those brief seconds, she pleaded again and again but only intensified anger was the answer. And she could try again and again but she knew that it would be to no vail. It was a battle much like death is to humans. You may battle it again and again for it would try again and again. But once it wins, you could no longer retrieve what you lost from it.


And as Anastasia, no, this vampire swiftly ran towards Anya, Anya knew she has one last duty to fulfil, a duty a vampire must do for a fellow vampire, a duty she must do for Anastasia, the love of her life. A duty that she had never, in her thousand years of living, wanted to fulfil. A duty equally scary as death that she felt like she was the ripper herself. And as she closed her eyes for a moment and as tears stream down her cheeks, she ran to meet the swiftly moving creature before her and bared her fangs, ready for battle. She must end this monster’s suffering once and for all.

The End

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