For Two Hearts – An Eternity AfterMature

Anya stared suspiciously at an area surrounded by electric fences and signage saying that the area was a private property. Inside were three tall buildings all adorned by huge intimidating satellites. You couldn’t see anyone around yet she is quite sure that those machine guns outside are electronically manoeuvred. It was way beyond suspicious. But it wasn’t the futuristic property in the middle of the jungle that attracted her most. It was the putrid and unmistakable stink of blood. Human blood. And a lot of it.

 What was she doing anyway in a godforsaken place in the middle of a remote jungle? She shrugged. She didn’t know either. All she knew was that, four years ago, right after she left the love of her life, (yes, vampires do love and does have a life) she had kept tabs on Ana. She had manipulated people to report to her, Anastasia’s every whereabouts. She couldn’t risk keeping tabs on Anastasia herself lest she be tempted to agree to her insane request. Though deep within her she knew, she knew that they were never really separated. That there is this string of love that kept them connected. She knew that maybe, just maybe, those minute-lasting dreams of visiting a sleeping Anastasia each night, were never really dreams, but incantations brought forth by an ancient knowledge she acquired through the decades. Yet despite all the incantations, hypnosis and manipulations she had done, she still lost track of Anastasia six months ago. And here she is, worried and scared enough to follow the only concrete lead, all by herself.

 She was in a considerable distance away from lab and she wanted to keep it that way. At least for now. She had to survey the surroundings and look for a spot where there are less electronically triggered machine guns. Making a loud, banging entrance wasn’t exactly the entry she had in mind. She still doesn’t know what the lab was for so she had to be careful. Especially since Anastasia’s life might be at stake.

             Her patience paid off for a few minutes after, she found the only blind spot in the almost flawless security of the futuristic building. She flew towards the roof and stopped for a few seconds before making another move. She made sure that she wouldn’t trigger any sensor whether it be moving or fixed. She opened a latch and plunged into the dark exhaust pipes of the building.

             And there the delicious smell of blood enveloped her. It was too overwhelming that her eyes couldn’t help but turn red for a few seconds. It was good though that she had her meal or she would have been tempted to devour the sumptuous meal before her. For on every table and every floor area, there lay a body covered with fresh blood.

             She studied each body on that floor and was shocked to realize that they all carry one distinct smell. It was a smell of a vampire she has yet to encounter. And she may just encounter the said vampire sooner than she’d hope.

             She continued studying the bodies and noticed that most of them were actually wearing what must have been a white lab gown. Especially the bodies on the third building where the distinct smell of what she suspect was a single vampire, adorns every corner.

             She has her hunches but she prays them to be wrong.

The End

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