Part 7 (A Working Aristocrat)Mature

Rings. Buzzes. Dings. Fast footsteps. She had a very fruitful week. She knew well enough that her stay with the company was not enough to interact with the people she’s worked with. Yes. Work. Anastasia mentioned that she was pretend intern and that she just had to observe. But no. Not under Ms. Seo. Ms. Seo made her work like there’s no tomorrow. Well, she can’t really blame the Finance’s department head. A big company did entail a very huge responsibility when it came to money.

Another ring.

“Good morning. This is President Jung’s office, how may I be of service?” A short pause

“I apologize Mr. Oh but Ms. Jung specifically told us –“

“No Mr. Oh. Ms. Jung’s instructions were very specific”

“I’m sorry to say but Ms. Jung is booked for the month.”

“I’ll inform you once I get Ms. Jung’s schedule for next month.”

“Have a good day.”

Call dropped.

THE Anastasia Jung was a busy woman. But, if Anastasia was busy, why did she let Anya be an intern? She had a full schedule everyday that they had not seen each other for the 4 days Anya was with other departments. But Anya was grateful. Anastasia had given her the trust that she wouldn’t do any harm – at least not to her employees.

“Ms. Kwon.”

“Huh?” A dazed Anya asked

“I am Ms. Hyo, Ms. Jung’s personal secretary.”

“Greetings. It’s a pleasure to meet –... Oh... I mean... It’s nice to meet you Ms. Hyo.”

“Okay. Your work today is to answer telephone calls. No one gets to talk to Ms. Jung unless Ms. Jung specifically told you to transfer a call to her. Mr. Oh and Mr. Park are not to be entertained. Tell them Ms. Jung is booked for the month. If they insist, tell them that you are going to personally ask Ms. Jung about her schedule for the next month if they want. Calls from investors are declined. Ms. Jung only wants employees of this company to invest – for the employees’ future. Remember. You do not transfer calls to Ms. Jung’s office. You ask for their messages. The only person Ms. Jung lets calls be transferred are from Ms. Hwang. Understood?”

“Oh. Yes Ma’am. But can I ask something?

“What is it?”

“Why does Ms. Jung not entertain Mr. Oh and Mr. Park?

“Personal questions are not to be asked from me or Ms. Jung. The CEO’s personal life is detached from her professional life. Any more questions which are relevant to your work?”

“No Ma’am.”


After Ms. Hyo left Anya had nothing to do. She was asked to answer telephone calls and at the moment, the phone calls weren’t coming. She can see Anastasia from where she is – through the glass doors and walls of Anastasia’s office. The lady paced back and forth as talked to Ms. Choi. She knew Ms. Choi as she was with her when she was assigned to the Advertising Team.


“Ms. Kwon, I am Choi Sooyoung. Just call me Soo. I don’t like formality in my department.”

“A pleasant day Ms. Choi.”

“That’s too formal! It lessens the creative vibe in this department! Soo is fine.”

“Okay Ms. .. I mean Soo.”

“That’s better!”

Choi Sooyong is the Advertising Department’s head. Too young for a department head but she heard from Anastasia that Sooyoung works exceptionally well.

“So, I heard from Ms. Jung that you’re here simply to observe?”

“Yes. I just want to know how the company really works.”

“Well, observing is not enough. Grab a camera. We’re going somewhere.”


“We’re going to a photo shoot!”

“Photo shoot of what?”

“Sexy ladies~!”


“Why? Does Ms. Jung not want you looking at someone else’s body?”


“I know something you don’t”

“How can that possibly be? You can see the future or past or something?”

“What? No. The moment I mentioned Ms. Jung, your eyes lit up like a puppy in love.”

The End

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