Part 6 (The Beginning of the Journey to the Heart)Mature

She was amazed at the very tall building. She looked at it as if it was the Eiffel Tower.




“Yes Anya?”


“Is this your office?”


“Yes. Why?”


“I thought it’s the Eiffel Tower.” Anya said with her mouth wide open.


“Haha! I told you, didn’t I? I worked hard to have everything. I worked hard to find you.” Anastasia replied muttering the last sentence silently not wanting Anya to hear.


“Ana, you never told me what kind of work you’re going to make me do.”


“I’m going to introduce you as Tiffany’s cousin who is going to be an intern for a week. You’d be an intern for the IT department and the Finance department for today, then the Advertising department and the Production department tomorrow and so on. We have 5 departments and the office is only open Mondays until Fridays. I make sure that work is done during those times so that my employees can take the weekends off. On your last day as an intern, you are going to work side by side with my secretary. Are you going to be okay with that?”


“Ana, for a vampire who has been gone from the face of the earth for centuries, I have no idea what you’re babbling about. I have just finished ‘correcting’ my speech, changing my sense of style, my way of addressing people and learning about a whole new culture that your kind now has. I have practiced walking as if it was the hardest thing to do and now you’re asking me to do… WHAT AGAIN?!” Anya said and stopped walking. They were more like brisk walking and it was kind of hard for Anya to process everything Anastasia was saying about her internship and the departments that she would be staying at for the week.


“Anya, it’s going to be easy. You’re pretend intern. It means you’d just have to look at how things work.” Anastasia said as she stopped babbling and walking fast. She knew that Anya has done everything to learn a very different culture

The End

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