Part 5 (A Human Kid in a Devil’s Body)Mature

Anastasia had promised her an experience with the kind that she is amused with and she was given not only that privilege.


“Anya, you’re going to come to work with me.” A blonde girl in a white suit and pants said as she was fixing some papers on her table.


“What?! Work? Sica, as you well know, vampires do not work. We have a fortune in our hands as we have lived for centuries!” A certain brunette suddenly spat out the pancakes she was munching on. She has already taken a liking with the different dishes Anastasia had made her try. Pancakes have become her favourite because of the maple syrup. In fact, she has been drinking pancakes with, well, human blood whenever Anastasia is not home since Anastasia’s been scolding her for finishing all the maple syrup in her house.


“Anya, you wanted to experience belonging amongst human beings and that is what you are going to get. However, you are not going to get it freely. You have to work for it.” Anastasia was frustrated. Her papers are all over the place and she was already late for her meeting.


“Oh. Why didn’t you just say so? I thought you were going to make me work. Hehe.” Anya replied finishing the last of her pancakes and gave Anastasia a rather big childish grin.


This was what Anastasia liked about Anya. The latter was not like any vampire that other books described. No, she was completely different. For a vampire, Anya was innocent and pure. She drinks blood and can be scary when hungry, but Anya was beyond that hunger. She was just like any other human being.


“Uh. Sica?” Anya asked fearing that Anastasia might lash out on her. She has already experienced the blonde’s wrath and though she is a vampire, Anastasia can be a very scary human being for Anya.


“Yes Anya?” Anastasia asked as she took a last glance at her now clutter free table.


“Can I bring extra juice?” Anya asked as if she was a kid asking to bring her favourite teddy bear with her.


“Haha! For a vampire, Anya, you sure can be a kid at times. But yes, you can. Just hide it, okay?” Anastasia said with a smile on her face. It was times like these that she just wants to pinch Anya’s cheeks.


“Yay! Thank you! I might become hungry and I don’t want anything to go wrong.” Anya said and beamed at Anastasia.


“Come on Anya. I’m already late.”


“Okay!” Anya said as she dashed out the household.


“Anya! We’re going to take the car!”

The End

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