Part 4 (Softer Side of the Devil)Mature

“Are you out of your mind?!”


Tiffany’s exasperated voice echoed throughout the big library.


“I thought you’ve known that already Tiff?” was the mocking reply.


“I knew you were obsessed but not to the point of insanity! Geez Ana! She can kill you any minute!”


Anastasia nonchalantly flopped on the sofa before answering.


“She is not like that, Tiff...”


“For crying out loud Ana, you are not Elizabeth!”


“I know.” A reply laced with poison.


“And I’m not trying to be her.”


Tiffany knew that at this point, she could no longer do anything to change Anastasia’s mind so she just sighed, defeated.


“Fine. Suit yourself.” She marched towards the door but decided to face Anastasia one more time before leaving.


“Just please. Please take care of yourself Ana, ok?”


Anastasia smiled. She knew that her friend was just looking after her.


“Don’t worry Tiff. I will.”


And with that, the heavy door closed.


Anastasia sighed. She didn’t want to worry her best friend but it was better that she knew. She doesn’t want to keep secrets from her. Especially about someone or something they discovered years back.


And speaking of the devil... or the vampire.


The blonde walked towards the large windows and pulled them open before flopping back to her chair.


“As far as I remember, there is something called a door Anya.”


“This entrance is as good as any.”


Anya chuckled as she slowly emerged out of the dark night and entered the room through Anastasia’s now open window.


“You do know that it’s not polite to eavesdrop, Anya, right?”


“You do know that you were both practically shouting, right? So I don’t see the difference.”


She nonchalantly sat at the space beside Anastasia. And the latter, feeling the shift of weight, placed her book on top of the table and smiled at Anya.


“You learn fast, don’t you?”


“I know.”


With a smirk, she stood up and sashayed towards the door.


“I’ll go to bed now. I can’t be late for my first day of observation, right?”


 And Anya was gone in a blink.

The End

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