Part 3 (Hopes and Dreams)Mature

A man in a black suit opened a hidden door leading to a staircase. He was just about to go down to check if the place was clear when his mistress signalled him to stop.

 “Get out of the mansion now. No one is allowed to go back in unless I call and tell you to do so. Understood?”

 She looked around her, making sure that each of her security personnel understood what she just said. She was satisfied upon seeing them all nod and thus started walking down the stairs.

 She stopped for a second to emphasize a point.

 “I believe everyone knows the consequences of disobeying my direct order.”

 “Yes, Ms. Jung.” was the main man’s answer.


 And she continued her journey down the staircase.

 Each of the men in black shivered at the menacing tone. Yes they knew. They glanced at each other before shuffling out of the building.


 Anastasia let her eyes roam around the surprisingly well lighted underground level of the dilapidated mansion. A hidden window connected to the floor of the upper ground level gave away thus bathing most of the underground floor with sun light.

 Who would have thought that I would find you here?

 A glance at the far end of the floor gave her a full view of the only door she can see.

 At last.

 She briskly walked towards her price, barely able to mask her excitement. A few strips of paper with Latin words written all over them adorned the surprisingly intact door. She peeled them off one by one and as the papers gave off their final flicker, Anastasia slowly opened the door.

 The sunlight eased in, gradually illuminating the dark room. There were candles all around, encased in silver candelabras. There was a table, a plume, a parchment, a chair and a dresser. It was pretty much a normal old room all in all. Except of course for the gold and red laden, human sized box in the middle. It was of course, grimly out of place. Or was it?

 Anastasia walked closer to the box and again peeled off some strips of paper that act as locks to prevent the involuntary exit of the important cargo. Yes, that is right. Involuntary exit.

 She pushed the lid of the box albeit not without difficulty.  She even had to let go of the bag she was holding so that she could use all her strength to make the top move. The hood itself seems to be resisting what is about to come. But like everyone else who came between Anastasia and her goal, this too did not have a chance. And with one loud creak, the lid gave way revealing the beautiful maiden in all her glory. But before Anastasia could even marvel at the naked beauty, its eyes flicked open. And as abruptly as that, Anastasia found herself pushed to the wall with the scary wrathful eyes of the maiden directed at her.


 It was more of a shout of desperation more than anything else as the hunger for blood swirled in her red eyes.

 “Answer me!”

 And with that, her open palms dug deeper into the wall of the room.

 Anastasia who seems to have anticipated the outburst, tried to look calm in the face of death. The fact that it was the wall being crushed and not her says a lot.

 For someone who hasn’t eaten for almost a century, she seems to be holding up pretty well.

 She pulled out from her coat a transparent bag filled with a red liquid. And this... turned the newly awakened maiden’s red eyes to black. With hunger taking over her sanity, she grabbed the bag like a flash of lightning and gulped down the content like a hungry wolf. Anastasia, on the other hand, ran towards her bag to retrieve its contents. She knew that she only has seconds to spare so with just one click, the bag was opened and the delicious smell of blood filled the maiden’s nostril, masking Anastasia’s very own scrumptious smell. And like lightning, the maiden was more seen than heard as she gulped down all the red liquids encased in their individual transparent bags.

 Minutes past and as Anastasia tried to quiet the erratic beating of her heart, the maiden stood up, finished with her sumptuous meal. The turmoil in her eyes was now replaced by a dangerous tranquillity as she took a few steps closer to the now calm Anastasia.

 “Are you here seeking your own death?”

 The ominous tone reverberated throughout the whole floor as the angel of death basked in the suns glory slowly stepped towards Anastasia.

 “No.” Came the confident reply.

 And the woman stopped, now interested in this confident creature right before her. She has never seen any human being face her in her worst without trembling in terror. And the past few minutes were her worst.

 “Then what do you seek?”

 If the room could marvel it would have, having seen the stand-off between these two marvellous creatures, the stand-off that would decide the fate of the two.

 “I am not here to seek but to grant you what you have long since yearned for.”

 “And what exactly is it that I yearn for?”

 “A chance... A chance to openly observe the race you have long been fascinated in.”

 A cocked eyebrow was the only answer she got.

 And that was good enough.

“But first, let’s do something about the way you speak.”

The End

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