Part 2 (The Lover from the Present)Mature


Elizabeth Ayers’ Diary

1813 - 3 May

I have met someone to-day. Someone who materialized from the woods just outside this golden crypt I call home. She is confoundedly mysterious and magnificent that I dare not turn for a second lest she disappears. We did not utter anything, even pleasantries. A smile simply graced her features and mine followed suit. She seems to have found solace in my taciturnly company and so I brought it upon myself to keep it as it is. I have not the faintest idea as to what lineage she had come from for I have not seen her in any part of the town before that very moment. But our own portrayal of a tete-a-tete was short-lived for an hour after, she had left me as mysteriously as she appeared. I will be waiting near the woods tomorrow bringing with me the thin aspiration that she will find me again. I hope she does come.


1915 – 15 August

It has been the fourth night that I lie in bed, too miserably weak to move about. I can feel the last of my breath leaving me thus I relish the few moments that I could spend with her. She is a sweet good soul and she has turned my dreadful existence to a tolerable almost lively one. And I would leave this world with only one wish. Live! My dearest, loveliest maiden, live!


“We have arrived, Ms. Jung.”

Anastasia placed the journal down before casting a glance at the dilapidated mansion before them.

At last. After years of searching, I have found you.

She allowed herself a small victorious smile.

The End

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