Part 1 (Obsession)Mature

She doesn’t know which of their devilish natures, attracts her the most. Is it their ability to regenerate? Is it their milky white skin? Is it their inhuman speed? Is it their immortality? Or is it their almost pitiful addiction to blood? Maybe all of it. Maybe everything about them.

 Anastasia surveyed a quarter of her library before letting out a chuckle. The Transformation. The History of Vampirism. The Vampires of the 18th Century. The Blood Curling Truth. Vampires. Vampires. Vampires. They are all about Vampires. She has long been out of Junior High yet her addiction... No. More like her OBSESSION with them has never wavered. It was almost as if her desire to know everything about them is as unfathomable as their very own hunger for blood.

 Although her obsession stayed with her every second of everyday, it never became a hindrance to her work or way of life. On the contrary it made her strive more and more each day until her company was no longer a company but an empire. And she was no longer Anastasia Jung but THE ANASTASIA JUNG, one of the youngest and one of the wealthiest persons all over the globe. She knew that wealth comes with power. And in power comes information. Very valuable information.

 Not everyone can be bought by money but anyone can be persuaded through power, through connections.

 She smiled.

 This world has taught her so many lessons. Most of them in the most rueful ways. Yet one lesson rose above all. Too much goodness would do you no good.

 “Sometimes I wonder if that obsession of yours has taken your sanity away.”

 The playful voice echoed throughout the library and Anastasia need not turn around to know who it was. Only one person has the guts to talk to her that way.

 “Good evening to you too, Tiff.”

 She turned around and flopped herself on the sofa. She couldn’t wait to start reading the newest addition to her collection.

 Tiffany can only shake her head upon taking a glimpse of the book in Anastasia’s hand. She took a few strides before flopping herself on the sofa in from of Anastasia.

 “I don’t  know why you still read such things when you are fully aware of the inaccuracy of their claims. We have long known that...”

 “Yes, I know what we have read but there could be more that are not included in it. Maybe she did not see it. Or maybe she did not feel the need to tell her. There are countless of possibilities Tiff. And I’m not taking any chances lest I overlook one stone unturned.”

 Tiffany rolled her eyes in exasperation.

 “Up till now I still don’t know why I go here right after all my classes. Granted I love books but the smug old smell of this room of yours is simply revolting. Adding to the fact that a quarter of the books here are about dead people.” She let out a shiver. “I must be as insane as you are.”

 “It’s not about the room Stephanie Hwang.” Anastasia placed her book on top of the side table. “It’s about the person inside the room.” Anastasia gave her a gentle smile. “So how was work today, Tiff?”

 Tiffany chuckled.

 “You never change, do you?”

 Anastasia gave her a smug look and a wink. “Of course! Now now, start rumbling already. I’m ready.”


 And their laughter echoed throughout the huge room.

The End

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