Till Death Do Us PartMature

               The old wooden floor creaked loudly as the building groaned and leaned left in the strong wind. The tattered drapes danced in the wind around jagged glass edges from windows broken years ago. The building was abandoned, and had been for over eighty years. Thick spider webs hung from every space imaginable, forming thick grey screens across doorways. Two inches of dust lined the floor, clearly showing a new set of footprints leading to a large ballroom overlooking black rocks and vivid green moss, the colors contrasting even more than usual due to recent heavy rains.

The owner of the footprints was standing near the large wall of windows, leaning over a fresh corpse propped up eerily against the dust and cobweb covered outline of a side table.

She leaned closer to the corpse, pulling a golden ring from its left ring finger. "Till death do us part, bastard. Enjoy your affairs in Hell."

She quickly spun on lightly on her toes and walked out of the ballroom, leaving the corpse of her fiancé leaning against the table, fear etched into his blood-soaked face, a final plea of regret dead on his lips.

The End

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