Till death

Till death/ Naomi Charney


This was the best night and the worst night of his life.

“Dead man walking!” He heard them all call as he walked down the aisle.

Or so he imagined.

Ron and Judy met a few years back through a study group for the Bar exam,

These were the most intense but greatest few months together.

They enjoyed each other’s company, and at some point started meeting alone after the group sessions ended.

They would talk about law school, and their lives leading up to it. They engaged in deep philosophical discussions or just act silly together by playing Frisbee in the park.

The two helped each other through, so they were immensely relieved to find they both passed and can now officially become lawyers.

After the exam they both found jobs in London and transferred there together. Little did they know that the companies they signed up for were rivaled companies.

At first when they found out, they decided to try and separate business and pleasure.

They hanged out, went walking every other night together, watched movies together on the weekends, occasionally met up with friends and all along trying really hard to never mention information about the cases they were working on.

They spoke about their work colleagues and the different occurrences throughout the day and it seemed good enough. They felt they had things all under control.

So when the time seemed right Ron popped the question one night during dinner and Judy gracefully accepted.


Christmas Eve was approaching and work just piled on and so did the hours.

Wedding plans couldn’t seem further away, yet the date was getting closer and closer.

They started distancing while work became their whole life now and they couldn’t discuss it with the one person they loved.

Judy decided she can’t take this anymore and next time she'll see Ron working on something at home she will sneak up behind him, check out what he’s working on and..well..that’s as far as she got.

So a few days later her chance arose. She saw Ron sitting by his desk at home surrounded by a mountain of scattered papers and snuck up behind him as if to help him clean up the mess when she noticed a familiar name. Ron jumped and grabbed the papers feeling quite betrayed. “I thought we had a deal!” he said “let go of that immediately those are confidential papers!” “Well, then why did you even bring them home?!”

“Well I thought I could trust you to honor our agreement”. The plan had obviously failed, this isn’t at all what she had in mind, But why did that name seem so familiar?

Christmas was awful. Both just ended up staying at work to do some over time and finishing up their cases, they were performing in court the next day.

Their cases were corporate. Ron was defending some patients who were harmed by a pharmaceutical company and Judy was defending a company being sued.

These were both big cases, big clients that could make it or break it in terms of their future at their current firms.

No one was more shocked that day than Ron and Judy who suddenly realized they were fighting for opposing roles. It all made sense now! Judy suddenly realized why that name she saw the other night looked so familiar.  She started running the case through her mind and just about figured who the name was and its importance to the trial, But before she knew it she was summoned to the court. The trial has commenced.

The court room was a riot. People were shouting, cursing, things being thrown in the air- what was going on?!

Judy was too confused to start the trial, she wasn’t ready. Only one thing came to mind, she went to the middle of the riot and just fainted.

This now bought her a few minute alone with Ron, he took her to a room to get a glass of water and catch her breath.

No one knows what was said in that room that day or what was decided, but the show must go on, and so it did.

Court was short as it contained mainly the opening statements and the appearance of the first two witnesses and it was to be adjourned tomorrow.


The headlines in the news the next day showed pictures of the main witness murdered. He was due to appear before court this day and he was the only one who could prove that the company was poisoning the water used to make the drugs the patients were being sold- this was really the only lead as most  patients have already been cleared of the poison.

What happened? Who could have done this? Who could have known?

Court was pushed off by a week and this gave Ron and Judy some time to themselves and to prepare for their upcoming wedding, they were so busy up to now that they haven’t had much time to prepare.


Luckily they didn’t have to. They’re mothers jumped the opportunity and arranged the most fabulous wedding they wouldn’t have ever asked for.

They were just waiting for the couples consent on the final details.

So the couple did it, acted all lovey dovey, put on a show although they both knew they had better things to do.

All that acting even ended by confusing the couple themselves into forgetting for a while and start feeling this fictitious euphoria they created and to start to get really excited for their own upcoming wedding.


The big day arrived; they both got all dressed up and ready to take the big leap.

The music was playing, the ceremony and so the wedding procession began.

First went the priest, then Ron proceeded quite slowly but made it, the best man followed through a side door and waited at the altar.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids walked down in pairs, starting with the two who stood farthest from the bride and groom, and ending with the best man and maid of honor.  

After went the ring bearer and flower girl, and then finally Judy, the bride, and her father.

Judy walked confidently on the left side and eventually led her to the front of the aisle, then he took his seat next to her mother.



Till today I don’t know what happened in that room.

The trial ended on the grounds of lacking evident’s and so the case was dismissed.

Ron lost his job, while Judy was promoted in hers.

He was too busy running around for her to realize what he was risking, But he did it for her, he did it all for her and the secrets of what he did ate him alive till one day he was found lying dead in a ditch by the side of the Themes river.

The End

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