Band PracticeMature

I walked outside after school hand-in-hand with my best girlfriend Jess. A few of our followers were walking behind us. Tyler was waiting outside with his football team to say hi before they left for practice. When we got within about twenty feet of them one of his friends saw us and turned to tell him. He looked around for a moment before he spotted us.

“Victoria!” He called from where he was standing, as if I hadn’t seen him.

“Hi,” I laughed as we got closer. He draped his arm over my shoulder casually and continued talking to his friend, Kale, who was one of the most popular guys in the school under Tyler. He also happened to be Jess’s crush. “Hey, Kale,” I said nonchalantly, receiving a jab in the side from Jess. He turned and smiled at us.

“Hey, Victoria…Jess. You guys comin’ to our gamenext Friday?” Jess blushed madly and seemed to have lost her voice.

“Of course we are,” I answered for her. “We’re doing our new routine at half time! Jess made up, like, half of it. It’s awesome. Isn’t it Jess?” She nodded and turned bright red.

“You’re captain of the squad though, aren’t you?” He asked, looking confused.

“Yes,” I sighed. “But Jess is the co-captain.” That was a lie. There was no co-captain on the cheerleading team. But, for the sake of impressing Kale, I was willing to lie. This seemed to work too because his face lit up as he looked her over.

“Sweet,” he said with a smirk, and turned back to Tyler. Jess was obviously ready to melt, so I said goodbye to Tyler and lead her away. The group of girls followed behind us as we walked back into the school for cheerleading practice. The team consisted of our group solely. Only a few others tried out, but they didn’t make it anyway.

After we had all changed into our work out clothes and were stretching on the gym floor I got everyone’s attention.

“Alright, ladies,” I began, looking at them all in turn. “For various reasons” – I looked at Jess meaningfully – “we have to makenext Friday’s game especially awesome. So this routine has to be per—“


We all looked over to see who had opened the gym door. My mouth dropped open when I saw three boys walking in. They stopped in their tracks when they spotted us. A look of disgust crossed the face of none other than Pansy boy.

“What are you doing here, --“ I realized at this point that I didn’t actually know his real name. He snickered.

“Don’t know my name?” He asked scornfully, showing a lot more courage than what he had during school hours.

“No, I don’t,” I said nonchalantly.

“Good,” he said. “And what the fuck are you guys doing in here?”

“Excuse me? We always practice in here.”

“Well, today you’re gonna have to get your anorexic asses out of here. We get the gym today by order of the big guy.”

“First of all, what talents do you have that you need to practice? And secondly, whatever they are, why do you need the gym? Go wherever you normally go.”

“First of, that’s none of your concern. And second…oh, right, that’s none of your concern either. So remove yourselves from here now. Unless you’d like to stay and watch, Victoria? I know how much you secretly adore emo music,” he said, every word dripping with sarcasm.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” I yelled indignantly.

“Fuck off,” said a blond standing next to him. His hair was swooped to the side covering one eye, and I could just make out a lip piercing. The only other one, a reddish brown haired boy with an afro, remained silent.

“Chill, Bob. If they don’t leave we can just ignore them and play anyway. I don’t see why that should be a problem for them. They do an expert job of it during the day,” he said as if we weren’t there. I glared at them even though they weren’t looking, and turned back to the girls.

“Anyway,” I said louder than necessary. “Where was I?”

“You were about to tell us why the next game has to be—“

“Right!” I said still louder, remembering my last train of thought. “This next game has to be perfect for various rea—“


“WHAT NOW?!” I yelled, looking around at what had made the noise. I found that the blond was carrying a drum set through the doors and a symbol had landed on the floor causing the noise. “You’re in a band?” I questioned, forgetting how upset I was. They all ignored everything I said as if I weren’t there. This helped me remember my anger. “FOR VARIOUS REASONS,” I went on as if there hadn’t been an interruption. “THIS ROUTINE MUST BE PERFECTNEXT FRIDAY. SO WE’RE GOING TO BE PRACTICING EXTRA HARD TO—“


I screamed and nearly pulled the hair from my head searching for the source of the noise. On the other side of the gym I saw the blond sitting behind the drums, banging away loudly, the afro kid playing guitar, and Pansy boy playing as well. A second later he started screaming into a microphone.

A second chance, take a life, another mission
To steal a kiss from borrowed lips, to taste your prison
It feels like a lifetime of leaving bodies on the sidelines
I swear to God girl, you’re never gonna regret this
Close your eyes this will only take a second
Though these veins are borrowed
This heart only beats for you
1, 2, 3, --

“STOP!” I shouted as loud as I could. They didn’t seem to have heard me, because they went right on playing.

Oh so expendable
Shut it out of your pretty mind
They never cared for you

Here’s our shot to insight a revolution
They don’t deserve to live
We are our revolution

The team, who were thoroughly pissed off as well at this point, and myself, sat through the rest of the ‘song’ with sour faces. When they stopped Pansy boy was breathing heavily as if he had just run a few miles. When his breathing returned to normal he turned back to the guys; still completely ignoring the fact that we were in there as well. I turned back to the girls, trying to ignore their presence.

For the next two hours we did our routines and ignored, as best we could, the boys on the other side. We couldn’t dance to our regular music, as we couldn’t hear it over their noise, however. But we made due. As we were helping one girl up who had fallen we saw the boys packing up their stuff. At the same time the door leading outside from the gym creaked open and Tyler and his team walked in. I involuntarily smiled widely at his perfect timing. I put on a sad face and ran over to him. He was on the same side of the gym as the boys and looking at them oddly.

“What are they doing here?” He asked, not bothering to keep his voice down. They ignored this and continued heading towards the exit with their instruments.

“They ruined our practice,” I whined. “And we didn’t get to perfect our routine for your big gamenext Friday.” He looked over at them angrily. As they had all their stuff to carry, they were only halfway across the gym. Tyler and his gang caught up to them easily. My cheerleading team sat giggling excitedly. I ran over to stand by Tyler so I could see up close.

“Pansy!” He yelled when he was a few feet away. He turned, looking confused at the male voice. When he saw who it was, however, fear seemed to course through him. In the pit of my stomach I felt a weird sensation. It was as if I felt sorry for the Pansy. I ignored it though and laughed. “You ruined my girlfriend’s practice?” He simply shook his head slowly. He seemed lost for words. “Well, Victoria here tells me you did. Explain.”

“W-we got p-p-permission from the p-principal…” he stuttered helplessly.

“Did you?” Tyler sneered. Kale and the guys laughed. “Well, I don’t care if you got permission from the p-p-president,” he mocked him. “You leave my girlfriend the fuck alone. Understand?” Pansy boy didn’t move. He neither showed he understood, nor fought back. “Did you hear me, you fucking emo piece of shit?!” Again, he didn’t move. For a split second I saw Tyler’s hand ball into a fist before it sprang to life and connected with Pansy’s jaw. One second he was in front of us, and the next he was on the floor, writhing in pain.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” The blond shouted finally. When Tyler looked at him he took a step back. He and the afro kid glared at us before bending down to help their friend. From a closer look I noticed his nose was bleeding and it was obvious he was crying.

“C’mon,” Tyler motioned to his team. “Let’s go before someone can blame it on us.” He put his arm around me and walked out of the gym; his team and mine following suit. Everyone laughed the whole way out, not completely blocking the sound of Pansy boy’s last “FUCK YOU!”

The End

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