Tighten Your Tie, GirlMature

Victoria, the popular girl in school, gets tangled up in the life of the new kid, Gerard Way. He's an "emo" loser with whom she wants nothing to do with. Unfortunately for her, she can't fight the mysterious attraction she feels toward him for long. And whens he begins to find out just how screwed up he really is, she finds herself deeper in this kid's life than she can handle.

“Mr. Clark?” I said as I raised my hand, not bothering to wait for him to call on me. He stopped his sentence and looked over at me.

“Yes, Miss Brooks?” He said through clenched teeth. I popped my gum before answering.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” he looked at me in disbelief. I popped it again.

“Not right now, Victoria. I’m in the middle of explaining something that will most definitely be on the the—“

“Mr. Clark I really need to go to the bathroom,” I insisted in a calm voice. His face hardened while he stared at me in great annoyance.

“No, Miss Brooks,” he said again, and turned back to the whiteboard. “As I was saying; Dispersion Forces are the weakest of the thr—“

“Mr. Clark?” He turned around slowly and glared at me.

“I’m warning you, Miss Brooks. One more interruption and I’m sending you to the Dean.”

“Mr. Clark I have feminine issues. I really need to go to the bathroom now.”

“Go!” He yelled angrily, clenching the dry erase marker tightly in his hand. I smiled and stood up, smoothing out my jean skirt before walking in front of the class to exit the room. As soon as I walked outside I found my boyfriend waiting for me as planned.

“Hey, sexy,” he smirked, placing his arm over my shoulder and kissing me. “The guys and I made some plans for the weekend; you up for it?”

“What day? Jess and I are going shopping for Formal dresses on Saturday. I can’t believe I’ve let it get this close without choosing a dress…”

“Well, Brian’s parents are going out on Saturday night, so he has the house to himself. We’re having a party. Come after you go shopping, okay?”

“Brian?” I said uncertainly. “Isn’t he dating Rachel now?”

“Yeah,” Tyler practically whined, “he is. But there’ll be a ton of people there. You don’t have to talk to her. You probably won’t even see her.”

“I guess,” I sighed, leaning against the wall and running a hand through my long blond hair. Tyler looked at me nervously.

“C’mon, baby. You have to come,” he pleaded. I smiled up at him teasingly and placed my hand on his bicep.

“So strong,” I cooed. He smiled and flexed the muscle.

“Quarterback of the school, baby,” he said proudly. “You don’t get muscles like these being a fuckin’ pansy.”

“Speaking of,” I laughed, remembering what had happened earlier in science today. “We saw a whole new side of Pansy boy today.”

“What happened?” Tyler asked eagerly. His favorite sport, besides football, was torturing the nerds and anti-social kids.

“Lauren was poking him with her ruler for a few minutes and he kept telling her to stop, but she didn’t. Everyone was laughing at him because Mr. Clark had left the room to get some stuff from the Science Office. Anyway, he eventually started sniffling and I swear I saw a tear or two fall,” I laughed. Tyler looked gleeful.

“Lunch’ll be fun Monday,” he smirked. I giggled and stood on my tippy toes to kiss him. “You going back?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I have to. Mr. Clark is about ready to bite my head off. I’ll see you after school though. And I suppose Jess and I can come over to Brian’s after we get our dresses tomorrow.” With a last kiss I turned and headed back into the classroom. As I walked in Pansy boy looked up and we met eyes for a split second. Nothing but anger and pure hatred radiated from them. I felt uneasy for a moment, but it went away when I looked around and remembered that every person in the room hated him…not me.

The End

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