3 - An emerald for luck

    Lauren sat in the small room designated for the plaintif waiting for Cheryl Dynstandt to arrive. She rubbed her palms with her thumb, first the left palm, then the right, then she rubbed them both on the chair that she sat in uncomfortably.  Down the hall she heard voices echoing. They were muffled and the words were undiscernable. Focusing intently she wondered if her ex-husband had arrived yet, and which room would he be seated in. As she looked out the door, she held her breath in the hopes of being able to hear the voices that drew closer, but remained undeciferable.  Suddenly two figures crossed the doorway, two women, Stepehen's sister Kristin, and his step-mother Natalia both dressed to the nines glanced into the room as they walked by, as they passed the doorway and entered the courtroom, Lauren could hear them laughing. Not in the nice friendly, casual way, but in that cold,heartless, pretentious manner.  She felt embarrassed. Perhaps they knew her dress was a second hand dress that was no longer in style.  When Lauren had gone to the Good WIl requesting money for a dress to wear in court, the lady had suggested this dress. Simple, understated, navy blue, knee length.  She had said the dress was a classic.  Classic what? sneered Lauren.  All this dress has to say is I have no money or taste.  Lauren knew she would not be able to match Stephen's money or style when it came to impressive clothing in court. He would most likely be wearing his white Polo shirt, and a blue tie.  Lauren snorted to herself, "He's probably got the kahunas to wear the suit I made him too, he'd do it just to rub it in wouldn't he?"  Lauren had sewn a double breasted pinstripe suit for her husband, he had even worn it when he took whats-her-name to Ireland.  I wonder if he felt even the slightest bit of guilt when he was wineing and dineing her while wearing a suit I made with my own hands for him?  The memory of discovering the second affair stabbed at her already dying heart.  What did I do wrong?  Why did he need to turn to another woman again?  I give him everything he wants, I am a good cook, a good mother.  He has everything he wants and then some.

Lauren's thoughts were interrupted by the bustle of a large lady storming into the room, followed by her assistant and a large carry on bag on wheels.  She wore an expensive perfume that announced her arrival befoer she was visible. Lauren attempted to breath through her mouth without being seen, her head swirling as the nausea she had had this morning returned.

"Well, how was your night, did you sleep?" Cheryl was busy sortin through papers as she unpacked her bag, she had no need to look at Lauren. You see one divorcee-to-be, you have seen them all, chery told herself.  "Nervous? Good." She did not care the response, she was attempting to relax her client.  "I don't usually do this, but I know how you like emeralds, so I brought something for you to borrow, for luck... you know, kind of the luck of the irish thing, only neither of us is irish.  YOu wear this ring and everything wil be fine, just wear the stone in your fist so the judge does not get the impression that you are loaded, actually, our dress is perfect..." She rambled on as she unpacked the references she had  brought from her office. "Let's do a quick review. ready?" 

(not finished, I'm falling asleep... TBC'd)

The End

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