Tiger's Fury

Lauren's Pain

Lauren felt her breath freeze in her lungs. She could not catch her breath!  On the other end of the phone her lawyer repeated her name several times with increasing intensity each time. "Lauren!  Are you there!"  Somewhere deep in her consciousness she heard her lawyer ask her secretary to call 911 while she continued to stay on the line.  Frozen Lauren stared at the wall through tears burning her eyes.  One phrase echoed loudly in her mind, becoming more sinister sounding each time it repeated in her head.  " The judge awarded the kids to Stephen...."  Finally as if suddenly aware that she was on fire, Lauren screamed a blood curdling cry that only the intense pain of burning flesh could provoke.  Lauren threw the phone across the room screaming "NOOOOOOOO!" She grabbed her keys and raced to the car,  her body jarring with each breath sucking sob, and tore down the road at ridiculously wreckless speeds through a four way intersection's red light, pounding her fists on the wheel screaming through her sobs "Why God?  WHY!!?? I hate you!  I hate yooooouuuu!" Her rage was only matched by the dangerousness of her driving, Blinded by her tears, not knowing where she was going, she drove on.

The End

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