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What do you do when everything you know gets turned on its head and youre thrown in the middle of it? Get ready for action scenes, hi tech sci-fi, complex infighting, and much more excitement! Stay tuned for more pages.

DING! His communicator chimed into his ear. "It's here, Captain," Lieutenant Fletcher observed nonchalantly as a small dot suddenly materialized on the monitor before him from his station aboard the mercenary starship SS Estrange. To keep a better eye, he switched the data feed to his personal com and watched as familiar rings of pulsating color radiated from the green speck before fading into oblivion near the edges of his vision. Twisting to face his superior, he discovered the captain was already looking at him expectantly. "Should I send order to the boarding party?" Fletcher asked dryly as he met the pair of watching eyes with a pair of his own.

"No," the large man responded flatly from his own station overlooking the entire upper command of his ship. The captain, uniform more complex than his lieutenant's yet not as well kept, paused, taking a few moments to examine the feed playing itself out on his own personal com, then continued. "I think we'll wait until they're safely within range before letting them know we're here,” he said, eyes twinkling with traces of humor and a smile twitching at the edges of his lips. “I'd hate to have them escape just because we got overly excited."

"Yes... I suppose that wouldn't help us out any. Especially since I doubt our employers would tolerate any incompetence on our part," Lieutenant Fletcher pointed out, more as a subtle reminder about the parameters of their mission than anything else.

"True, but I'm not really concerned with them," the captain countered, completely oblivious of his subordinates hint. "I'm more worried about the cargo on board than with their oh-so-precious ship," he sneered. "For all I care, it could be blown into smithereens after we got done looting it. That is, if our reports are accurate about what is actually on board. According to the manifests we were given, there's some pretty expensive stuff and I intend to seize it for ourselves before handing over the prize.”

Fletcher felt a wave of dread flow through him and a shiver ran down his spine. That would be your attitude, wouldn't it?  he thought to himself as he simply nodded in mock agreement with the captain. I don't suppose it even crossed your mind to take the ship's crew into consideration. Why should it? There's not much in it for you to keep them alive, besides our very specific orders. Fletcher frowned. Well, I suppose at least money can keep you in check, if nothing else.

"Anyways, I'd say about 10 minutes. You agree, Fletcher?" the Captain asked as he glanced over, obviously unaware of his second-in-command's inner thoughts.

"Looks about right," Fletcher said, hesitating briefly to internally calculate the speed and distance of the oncoming ship. "I'll ready the guns."

The End

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